Folk Art


My ship models display traditional 19th century marine craft through expressive renditions.  Each model will have its own uniqueness and individuality by focusing on the details that reflect years at sea and the daily toll of wind and surf.


These traditional handcrafted quarterboards are carved in Native Eastern White Pine & finished with 3 coats of oil base enamel in a color of your choosing to set each one apart with it's own unique character.  Once used to identify early sailing ships, the quarterboard is now a distinctive decor which adorn many homes in New England.


Dandyfunk is now offering these beautiful patriotic eagles for home display.  Following in Bellamy’s ability to interchange heads, wings, and banners, these eagles are offered in a wide variety of styles and configurations.


Dandyfunk Arts offers a wide selection of creative tavern and shop signs all reflecting various periods of American history from the 1600s to 1900s.  While some are interpretive examples of the originals, many are made as a custom sign with the appropriate style of the period they are emulating.


Dandyfunk's restoration services are offered at the highest level.  Every ancestral ship model procured is a treasure found.  A family heirloom, a past family member's pride and joy, a special gift... whatever the case, we will handle your model with the same level of respect you would.  


“Americana refers to artifacts or a collection of artifacts, related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States. Patriotism and nostalgia play a defining role in the subject. The things involved need not be old, but need to have the appropriate associations.”